Affordable and competitive rates

Our rates depend on distance and wait time, and you will find them competitive with other chauffeur-driven transportation options.


* All prices in



Moving (per km)

Waiting (per hour)

below 16 km/h, billed by minute



Airport pickup surcharge

** The rate does not include SALIK charges in Dubai. AED 4 (actual cost) will be charged for every SALIK crossing while in a ride. The same rates are applicable for both Business Sedan and Minivan prices.

All bookings include some grace wait time that is not charged. It is 10 minutes for LATER bookings, 5 minutes for NOW bookings, and 30 minutes for airport pickups. This grace wait time can be applied to both waiting before the start of the trip, and any wait (or slower than 16 km/h driving) during the trip. So if you are on time, you are much less likely to exceed the free grace time and pay for waiting at traffic jams and traffic lights during the trip.

Bookings can be cancelled free of cost until driver is assigned. If driver has been assigned, bookings can still be cancelled free of cost 4 hours before pickup time for LATER bookings, and within 2 mins of driver assignment for NOW bookings.

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